Make better videos by following this 6 tip guide. Whatever video style you want to make the resources are already within your reach.

Using these 6 tips you will have a strategy for building your video skills efficiently and discover the right network around you for making the video content you want and that inspires.

This is more of a simple blueprint guide video to help you in the process of creating video content to help you become the film maker you want to be.

What is your best tips for creating better videos? Do you have any tips that have helped you create better videos and become a better film maker?

Two of my film making inspirations in the past have been Philip Bloom and Brandon Li to name two examples. I was really captivated by Brandon Li’s Documentary/highlight film called Hong Kong Strong, it’s awesome I learned a lot of new film making techniques and concepts to apply in my video content production when I create work for businesses. You can check it out here.

If you are totally new to networking and want access to filmmakers and people you can usually find great people in film making and video production groups on Meetup. If there isn’t one then you can create a group and interested people will join your meetup. I have used this method to find animators and fellow videographers who we have learned new skills and shared work together.

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