Best lav mic backup to a wireless lav kit

A Lav microphone is one of the most important parts of making quality video content and Smartlav+ does an awesome job!.
The lav microphone (works with your smartphone):

The parts you need to make it work direct into your DSLR
Extension cable (Not the same as I have but it will provide the extension to reach your camera for interviews and talking to camera youtube videos:

The Rode smartlav+ is the best value cheap microphone in my opinion in this category.

I love this lapel mic for overseas documentary shoots where you are travelling very light and still want the option of getting professional quality audio. It’s so small I still carry it with me for every shoot and it means I will always be saved for quality audio.

I have a 2x Sony wireless lapel kits and whilst wireless is awesome because of the freedom you have, they also have their drawbacks like carrying batteries and audio dropouts and interference which can be really frustrating on a professional shoot.

The Rode Smartlav+ doesn’t need batteries, it’s tiny and it won’t have wireless interference. The downside is that it is wired but you wont have such a big problem if you plan how you will use it. This plugs into a zoom h1 recorder as a great alternative audio solution.

This lav microphone works plugged into your smartphone or zoom recorder or if you buy the converter cable and extension cable you can plug it into your DSLR and monitor the audio level. I have always been happy with the quality this way and think that it is on par with my Sony UWP-D mic quality.

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