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Video Upskill is designed to share knowledge with people who want to learn how to create great video content and discover the exciting world of video production to upskill their talent and video business.

Video Upskill teacher Alex

Hi! I’m Alex. Straight after school I studied courses in video production, began working in television, then shifted my studies onto audio production and sound engineering. Then when I began to see the amazing visuals coming from DSLR video I was inspired to get into the large sensor video world and have enjoyed learning every aspect of it. Regardless of what I have studied in the past I have always had the desire to create and with today’s opportunities everyone is able to create something which I think is so important. I have a massive interest in documentaries and a lot of my inspiration originates from this genre of video production. “Once you have created it, it’s part of history and that’s powerful”

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AlexVideo creator
I currently run a video production business creating content for a range of customers, businesses and other video production freelancers, looking forward to sharing with the video creator community. Connect with me on Youtube, Twitter and Facebook.