It’s very refreshing to adventure out of the area you are comfortable and familiar with to one that is vastly different to what you see and hear everyday. In this case it was the event of the “super moon”. I packed my photo and video gear and traveled with a friend out to the country at night. The objective was to learn how to shoot and process a raw time-lapse.

Night shot time-lapse

Find your time-lapse composition elements.

Out in the country (it’s “the country” for me and may not be for the people living here) the environment is so different that it gives you a grand sense of adventure. You are surrounded by hills, trees, dirt roads, moonlight, far away towns lit up with golden lights and the odd sounds of bush animals nearby in the dark, this all creates an environment for fresh thinking and fantastic photo opportunities.
 How it was to the eye

How it looked to the human eye.

I always think it’s whats in front of your camera that counts so if you buy a new camera and only shoot things around the house your going to be disappointed. However if you seek out interesting places and content you will be rewarded and will learn much faster as mistakes will be more memorable and great content occur more frequently.

Night shotWhat the DSLR long exposure saw.

Take the opportunity to travel at night with your gear even if it is only an hour out from your location, who knows what you can experience and learn.

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