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Using stores to find music for video production

When I am looking for a music track for a promotional video for a client, I normally look for a music track with a good vibe and no singing (an instrumental). I have had a lot of success finding great quality music tracks very efficiently on and has been great for various promotional videos for around $17 a track. The store is quite easy to use and I can usually find a track that fits the feel I am after pretty quickly. This is my current go-to resource for promotional video projects.

The benefit to using stores
  • The music is made for use in videos, radio shows, podcasts.
  • It’s fast and easy to find music that will suit your video
  • Organized
  • It costs money


Creative commons music

This is an alternative that I have not used that often because in my experience it has been much slower however it is free, providing you follow the instructions noted by the author, for example this usually entails crediting the artist in your work.

  • The music is free providing you stick to the guidelines to use their music.
  • Good for finding non-mainstream sounding tracks
  • Finding the right track can be slow, as the music tracks aren’t organized as easily as a store
  • You will find a mix of tracks with vocals and instrumental only and for video often have you have your own audio tracks from interviews, on location etc, which can sound muddy with a track that has singing in it.
When you need to find music for a promotional video efficiently where do you go? Have a personal preference that is a great resource? share it with me in the comments.



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