I’ve always said “the more people in your network the easier things are.”

More people = more opportunities, more flexibility and more expertise ready to help. There are many ways to generate new video production jobs like the old fashion (and least favoured) but effective cold call, approaching businesses in person. These can be great but they also aren’t usually fun, so thanks to new technology and bringing businesses together I would like to present to you my favorite way to generate new business.

www.meetup.com The easy business networking tool

This new way is through an app/website called “meetup”www.meetup.com It is a global website that connects people in the real world locally. It’s user driven so you and I can host or join events. The types of events range from social gatherings, free trainings and workshops to business networking events. As video production is a business to business service this gives you a great opportunity to to help lots of small business attendees grow their credibility through great quality video content.

The focus at these business meetups should always be “how can I help them?”. Not what can I get out of this relationship because it won’t last very long if you always focus on taking. If you continuously aim to grow their business you become valuable to them and in turn they will be happy to work with you, you may even become an essential cog in their marketing efforts and get a lot of return work and build long and prosperous business relationships.

The focus at these business meetups should always be “how can I help them?”.

The great thing about meetup is that it is connecting real people and all you have to do is show up, be genuine, build connections, listen to others, have fun and find out ways you can help them. Technology today has made it easier than ever to build new connections with others so I encourage you to use it to it’s full potential in your video business and grow your opportunities for new work and possibilities.

What is your favorite way to network? Find new video jobs? Do you have a least favorite or favorite way? It’s be great to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


About the Author:

As a award achieving video business creative, I have created Video Upskill to help others grow their video skills and support their journey to achieve their creative and business goals.