Keeping up to date with gear and shooting skills is very easy thanks to the internet. Here are a select few websites that I have followed and learned a huge amount from.

Websites for learning, shooting styles, tips, inspiration, advice and news.

  • Great personalised informative news, reviews, inspiration and some nice tutorials.

  • News and documentary pieces filmed with large sensor cameras and also gear news and reviews, great for inspiration.

  • This has a good array of tutorials in many categories, fantastic resource for beginners.

  • Great if you are looking to find out what gear is around and gear that will suit you if you are on a budget.

  • Lots of great information for DSLR central video shooters, lots of info about gear and accessories.

  • Dave shows his journey of learning to shoot DSLR video and shares his learnings, lots of great information.

What are your favourite websites to follow? let me know in the comments below.


About the Author:

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