Getting a camera cleaned professionally can be expensive and time consuming also leaving you without that camera that you use for work. The dust on your lens is a problem but here is a quick fix.

This is a great new discovery I made that you can successfully do your own DSLR sensor cleaning at home. The results are great, not perfect but having the flexibility to get rid of the dots that make footage unusable is awesome, especially for filmmakers and videographers like myself.
This review takes time to make so if this helped you and you would like to buy this sensor cleaning kit, I would be very grateful if you could buy it through my amazon affiliate link below.
Buy Dust Aid:
Disclaimer: Clean at your own risk, professionals cost more because they have the right skills/tools and environment. I have had success with this but there is always a risk so please keep that in mind when thinking about the idea to clean your sensor.

Have a great day and looking forward to hearing/helping and sharing with the community of filmmakers and videographers to upskill our quality.


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