I have been following Matt Allard’s work over at newsshooter.com for over a year and have always been inspired by each piece of work he shares. Every shot is there for a purpose, he mentions that you should be able to understand what is going on in a shot even without narration, each shot should be there to tell a part of a story. If you have an interest in shooting documentaries this will give you a hint of how it is shooting global news coverage, traveling and using new technology in your work such as large senor cameras. He shares his journey and experience in this presentation which contains so much great education.


The Challenges of Shooting Global News Coverage with Matthew Allard on 4.17.13 from Rule Boston Camera on Vimeo.

Newsshooter’s own Matt Allard gave a live talk to Rule Boston Camera for their ‘Pub Night’ on the challenges of shooting global news coverage and his use of large format cameras in his job at Al Jazeera. Matt has over 23 years experience covering breaking news stories around the world — from major sporting events to terrorist bombings. Well worth a watch and highly educational.

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