Steadycam vs Gimbal

Stabilizers are awesome tools to make your video look more professional. Is new technology always better? Here are my thoughts on how I use them in my professional work and what’s staying and whats not.

I had a very handy way to use the Steadycam setup with the Sony A7s and 24 – 240 lens combination by resting it on my hip and shooting whatever frame I needed with the camera up to my eye for better stabilization and then zooming back to 24mm wide and floating smoothly, without any need to change lens or re-balance, this was a great feature setup I used all the time. The gimbal stabilizer doesn’t allow for this but it has some amazing new features.

Zhiyun Crane
Chinese glidecam (Liang P-4)
Sony 24 – 240 Lens
Sony 16 – 50 Lens

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Let me know your thoughts on the Steadycam vs Gimbal topic in the comments. Do you not want to change or has a gimbal made your video production shoots a breeze?

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