A handy tip to know is how to selectively frame items in the background and position them behind your subject and depending how how far you move back and zoom in, you can control the size of any objects in the background.

Great tip to think about when you shoot your next outdoor interview or piece to camera shot, this is also a great way to control distracting elements in your environment.

Gear used:

  • Canon 60D
  • Sigma 17 – 70 2.8 -4
  • Canon 100-400
  • Canon 2x tele extender (to achieve 800mm!)

One thing to note about extremely long focal lengths is that, any slight bump or wind (depending on your tripod build quality can cause the “earthquake” effect shown in this video here). So it’s best to have your hands off the camera at extremely long focal lengths such as 800mm+. This may have also been because when you attach a canon 2x extender it disables the image stabilization.

Another thing to note is shooting a mid shot at 800mm, I am over half way across the race track field and my camera operator is so far away that the wireless lapel systems audio was occasionally completely dropping out. So a handy tip to remember about the effects of distance on wireless audio systems and always monitor your audio when possible.

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